What’s Joey Been Watching? Sept 21 – Sept 27

This is gonna be a quick one. I started watching Mindhunter this week, so I didn’t get the chance to watch very many movies. Did you know that Mindhunter is fantastic? I’ll tell you all about it once I’ve seen every episode.

Sept 22: We’re The Millers (random streaming site)

I had a sudden and intense need to watch We’re The Millers. I spent a frustrating amount of time finding it, even with a VPN that would supposedly get me American Netflix. I don’t know why I craved this decent Jason Sudeikis comedy, and I likely won’t crave it again for many years. But I found it, and I watched it, and I enjoyed it for the most part. It has a fun concept and it’s otherwise competent. I usually ask more from a movie, but on Sunday night, I didn’t. I took off my critic hat and put on my enjoy-a-dumb-movie hat. It was nice. That is all.

Sept 26: Seven Psychopaths (Prime Video)

Martin McDonagh’s second film is what you get when you cross Adaptation and… well, it’s pretty much just Adaptation. An aimless screenwriter gets tangled into a web of crime that both inspires his new film and threatens his life. The main character’s name is Martin, they constantly make references to how the “movie” is gonna end, and it all culminates in a standoff between Sam Rockwell and Woody Harrelson, just as Rockwell’s character said it would. It’s Adaptation. It’s fun, it’s well written, but it’s still just an inferior version of Adaptation, 17 years later. [SPOILERS] Martin McDonagh maintains his mastery of the anti-hero in humanizing Woody’s ruthless supposed villain, and cleverly muddles the antagonist roles with the reveal of Sam Rockwell being a psychopath himself, but McDonagh’s originality disappointingly ends at his characters this time. He also includes the theme of suicide in every single one of his movies which makes me kinda worried for McDonagh. Is he okay?

Now, please draw your attention to the poster that I’ve made the featured image of this post. I have never seen such an infuriating poster. You can see that each character is given a number – a number that is, of course, referring to their status as one of the eponymous seven psychopaths. However, these characters are not all psychopaths. In fact, nearly half of them are merely normal people, and the two women barely have a role at all. Yeah, I know that’s the point and they make fun of it in the movie, but if they’re barely in it, why the heck are they on the freakin’ poster?! Anyway, here’s every correction that needs to be made:

  • Colin Farrell is not a psychopath.
  • Sam Rockwell is a psychopath, but he counts as two psychopaths in the movie. 
  • Abbie Cornish is not a psychopath.
  • Olga Kurylenko is not a psychopath.
  • Long Nguyen is one of the psychopaths, but is not in this poster.
  • Amanda Warren is one of the psychopaths, but is not in this poster.
  • The order is completely wrong. 

All this is to say that not only is the poster moronically executed, the idea never made sense in the first place. Whoever was in charge of marketing either never saw the movie or hated it and wanted to confuse moviegoers as much as possible. 

This may have been far too quick in terms of movies, but I may have a little something new coming at some point in the next few days…

This week’s shoutout goes to Final Jeopardy!, what a fun way to end a game of Jeopardy.

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