What’s Joey Forgotten About This Week?

April 14: Guava Island (Amazon Prime Video)

In the wake of Korine Week, I totally forgot this existed. Oops.

Guava Island, if you’re judging it by movie standards, is not particularly great, but does its job. It has a simplistic story that never fully fleshes anything out, but ends on a surprisingly dark note that created a nice juxtaposition with the colourful beauty of its shot composition.

Guava Island, though, is not a movie, but a 55 minute music video; at least that’s how I see it. Childish Gambino finally justifies the existence of his mediocre-at-best “summer songs” by performing them in a far more fun context, though I would have appreciated it if Rihanna had piped up at some point. It’s worth a watch if you like Gambino, or it you’re in the mood for a project that puts style way before substance.

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