Joey Caplan

I love movies. I love to watch movies, I love to talk about movies, and I especially love to write about movies. What you'll find here is a collection of brief reviews I've accumulated over the past year and a bit, plus some extra, in depth reviews for things I particularly enjoy. But wait, there's more! You can find some coverage of TV, video games, and music, and maybe even some live theatre! At I'm Right Reviews, I'll write about anything that I find interesting, which means pretty much everything but the Oscars. Don't get me started on the Oscars.

What’s Joey Forgotten About This Week?

April 14: Guava Island (Amazon Prime Video) In the wake of Korine Week, I totally forgot this existed. Oops. Guava Island, if you’re judging it by movie standards, is not particularly great, but does its job. It has a simplistic story that never fully fleshes anything out, but ends on a surprisingly dark note that […]